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Be yourself on the app, not someone else. Any profiles impersonating other people, including celebrities, will be banned. Content that you post on Grindr should be of you or by you, and you should represent yourself truthfully. You choose what to disclose about yourself, but the information that you do share should be true. Any impersonation/catfishing is prohibited and may result in a ban. We don’t allow: Photos of celebrities or public figures of any kind (actors musicians, politicians, etc) Photos of celebrity impersonators where it could be unclear if the person is an impersonator or the actual celebrity Pictures that are copyright, have watermarks, or that we believe to not be of you or taken by you. We also remove “Junk” photos (like solid black boxes) If your profile is reported as being fake, we may ask you to verify your identity to keep your profile active.

We want you to be yourself and express yourself freely here, but not at the expense of someone else. We strongly suggest you talk about what you are into, not what you aren't, on your profile. And the old adage “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” pertains here just like at your grandmother’s. We also expect you to leave someone alone when they indicate they want to be left alone. This is a foundational rule. Misusing our reporting system to get back at someone who’s blocked you, or creating new accounts to continued patterns of unwanted contact will result in a permanent ban.

It should go without saying, but we don’t allow hate speech or violence of any kind. If we learn that you have abused or seriously threatened another user, you will be banned forever. We may also remove content that we find too graphic, offensive, or insensitive and hurtful, even if there was no ill intent. We take reports of violence, threats and assault very seriously. This includes incidents that occur both on and off our platform. If a serious incident has occurred, please contact law enforcement (if you feel safe to do so) and then contact our support team at We may consider content hate speech (and take more severe actions against a profile) if it promotes or condones racism, bigotry, violence, hate, dehumanization, or harm against individuals or groups based on: Race, Ethnicity, Disability, Age, Nationality, Sexual orientation, Gender, Gender identity, Religion, Appearance. Content on Grindr that we would consider graphic, violent or offensive includes but is not limited to: Photos of weapons and firearms (real or toy) including paintball guns. Photos with blood or gore, including especially realistic costumes. Violent images, including cartoons or illustrations. Photos showing gang signs or offensive hand gestures (e.g. middle finger). Kink or fetish content that is violent or promotes harm. Threats against any person or group, including political figures. Photos or descriptions of self-harm or suicide. Photos of dead animals, including hunting photos. Jokes or memes that can be found to be hurtful and insensitive.

Grindr is for adults ONLY. You must be at least 18 to use the app (or older in certain jurisdictions). We take this age limit very, very seriously, and any violation or suspected violation will result in a ban, at a minimum, and could lead us to involve the appropriate authorities. We also do not allow any photos of anyone under 18, in any context. This includes photos where a minor’s face is blurred out, is in the background, or whatever. Our total ban on minor activity extends to communication: if a user communicates with another user that they believe to be under 18, that is also a violation of our age policy. By immediately reporting underage profiles, you are keeping other users and yourself safe.

Grindr is a sex-positive place, but we can’t allow nudity or explicit sexual content in public profiles. Our user experience has to be acceptable to the chaste eyes of Apple and Google’s app store decision-makers, lest we get kicked off their platforms. And then what? Windows phones? So if you couldn’t put it on Instagram, you can’t put it on your Grindr profile. You can totally send photos privately, but always make sure that you have consent from the recipient first. For profile descriptions, and names, we do not allow any graphic sexual descriptions, including emoji. Sending unsolicited nude or sexual photos to another user may result in a ban. For photos in the grid, we prohibit: Any photos featuring anyone nude. Photos with implied nudity: the photo or image is cropped in a way that is it implied that the person is nude (e.g. a photo of a bare torso that is cropped to the pubic region or a photo of a nude person who is only covering genitals with a small item or emoji). Exposed female-presenting breasts, or nipples showing through lingerie. Images with pubic hair / showing the pubic region Genitals showing through clothing. Shapes or outlines that make genitals clearly identifiable. This includes erections, partial erections, semi-partial erections that are just getting going, semi-semi-semi-partial “maybe” erections, contouring, or “tenting.” Fetish clothing revealing genitals or buttocks, or which indicates violence or harm. Any images of or that feature sex toys of any kind. Phallic images. Sex acts, real or mimicked. Users touching their genitals unless it is in jest (i.e. no crotch or buttocks groping performed on themselves or other people). Crotch shots: photos where the crotch is the main or only focus of the photo (front, side, back; even if clothed). Extreme close-ups of nipples. Bodily fluids, including semen, blood, or anything that looks similar. Close-up images of underwear (worn or unworn) In the grid, we do generally allow you to post a photo of you in underwear, as long as the picture is not overly erotic or suggestive in nature and does not break any of the above guidelines.

If something is illegal offline, well guess what: it’s also illegal on Grindr! Yes, this includes drugs. Illegal content and depictions of illegal activity will be taken down and, when appropriate, reported to the appropriate authorities. Drugs: We allow casual mentions of marijuana, over the counter medication, and prescribed medications. However, evidence of misuse or encouraging others to use irresponsibly, as well as any discussion of buying/ selling, will result in a ban. We do not allow any mention of non-prescription drugs, other than marijuana, unless in the context of addiction recovery. Also, we do not allow profiles mainly focused on drug content.

Grindr will never ask you for personal details like your password or your credit card information. Other users don’t need to know this stuff either. Please protect yourself by keeping this information to yourself. In the interest of safety, we will remove any sensitive personal information displayed publicly, such as phone numbers and addresses, and we may suspend or ban the profile. Unwelcome solicitation of another user's personal information, prompting users to visit outside links, or any kind of spamming or scamming will get you banned. We do not allow the posting of private information. This includes anywhere on the profile, such as photos or profile text, or direct links to this information, for example through a QR code or link. Private information includes: Unlisted contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, home/work address Social security numbers, passports, passwords, financial information.

We appreciate a good side-hustle, and it’s cool to invite people to an event you’re going to, but don’t spam our users with links or use Grindr to advertise your business. Nobody’s here for that. Sexual or financial solicitation is unlawful and is completely prohibited. Grindr is for personal, non-commercial use only. We prohibit using Grindr to conduct research, or to promote a business, club, event, contest, or organization. This includes unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or other solicitation material, bulk mailing of commercial advertising, chain mail, informational announcements, charity requests, and petitions for signatures, and surveying or requests to participate in surveys or studies. We consider solicitation to include massage services, escort services, Only Fans links, cam shows, Venmo or PayPal links, sugar daddy/baby arrangements, Amazon or other wishlist links, or direct links or requests for donations. These are all prohibited. Finally, we do not allow: Photos that are advertising items or services for sale, focusing mainly on a product logo or brand, featuring website addresses for a particular company. Photos that allude to money or are of cash.

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