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We use a mix of automated and human review moderation on Grindr. While we take great care to be accurate in our decisions, mistakes can happen. Please answer all questions below to the best of your ability. If you do not, we will not be able to verify your ownership, and therefore cannot reactivate your account.

Please open the Grindr app and select the option below that matches what's displayed on your screen. If you do not see one of the following reasons displayed when opening your app, please stop here and submit a ticket via the form titled "Ban Appeal" above.

Please attach screenshots of any errors you're seeing below.

Please provide the User ID or email address displayed in your settings. Note: If an email address is displayed, that email address is the one associated with your account.

Please handwrite your Grindr email address on a piece of paper, and send us a clear photo of yourself holding that paper close to your face. (For "Age restriction" verification, please also include a photo of you holding a valid, government-issued ID, and a screenshot of the ban message you've received)

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