Report an Impostor or Fake Profile

Is someone using your photo without permission on Grindr? Rest assured that our Terms of Service do not allow impersonation, so follow the steps below to report the impostor. Ask a friend to complete steps one and two if you're unable to see the impostor's profile. 

1. Report the impostor. Tap the blocks (top right for Android, bottom right for iOS) in his profile to report him.
2. Send us your Grindr Account Email Address. This will help us find your profile.
3. Write your email address on a piece of paper. Send us a clear photo of yourself holding the piece of paper.
4. Send a random photo of yourself. We need to make sure you're the 'real' you.

Is someone sending your photos in chat? Grindr chats are accessible only from the devices on which they were made originally. If someone is sending your photos in chat, please include a screenshot of the chat log in your report. 

Click here to submit your information.

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