Using your account on multiple devices

With Grindr Accounts you can now use your Grindr profile on as many supported devices as you like.

It is really easy! All you have to do is login with your existing Grindr Account details and your Grindr profile, favorites, blocks and subscription will appear like magic on your other devices.


Example: I have a Grindr Xtra profile on my Android that I also want to use on my iPad.

Step 1. Create Account on my Android

  1. Open Grindr on my Android
  2. Tap the Menu Button
  3. Choose "Create Account"
  4. Enter my email Address (for example: and a password of my choice.
  5. Fill out the Captcha (so Grindr knows I am human)
  6. Tap "Create Account"

Step 2. Install Grindr Xtra on my iPad

  1. Search for Grindr Xtra on the App Store and install it on my iPad.

Step 3. Log into Grindr Xtra on my iPad with my Android Account Details

  1. Open Grindr Xtra on my iPad
  2. Tap the Menu Button
  3. Choose "Log in" (If the "Log in" button is not displayed tap "Create Account" instead and then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the "Log in" link)
  4. Enter my Android Account details - (email and password that I created earlier on my Android)
  5. Tap "Log in"

Voila my profile is now on both of my devices!

If you want to use your account on more devices, simply repeat steps 2 & 3 on each additional device you wish to use.

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