Subscription cancellations & transfers

Grindr now has Accounts. How do I cancel my subscription?

You may have noticed a new feature implemented on Grindr, accounts! If you need to cancel a previously purchased subscription, please log-in with the original device type used for purchase. (Example: I purchased credit on Apple, I will need to log-in to an Apple device in order to cancel my previous subscription).

Important: You must cancel your current subscription on the original device type used for purchase.

What happens to my recurring subscription when I delete my profile?
If you've already deleted your profile, you will need to e-mail us and get your subscription cancelled from us. If you haven’t deleted your profile, you can cancel your recurring subscription in-app first and then delete your profile. Refunds will not be given if your subscription wasn't cancelled before your profile was deleted. All sales are final.

Will my subscription move to another account automatically if I create another profile?

Recurring Grindr Xtra purchases are now available to Apple, Android and users. Follow the instructions below to cancel a recurring purchase:

KB2.png Apple*

Via App Store on your device:

1. Open the App Store on your device
2. Tap Featured > Apple ID > View Apple ID
3. Tap Manage App Subscriptions > Grindr Xtra
4. Set Auto-Renewal to OFF



1. Open Grindr
2. Tap Menu > Settings > Grindr Xtra Store
3. Tap Go to Store (your renewal date is shown here)
4. Tap Cancel My Subscription > Continue 


Don't have access to your device? No problem!

Android users can also cancel by sending the information below by clicking here.

1. Your Grindr Account Email Address
2. Email address and phone number used to purchase Grindr Xtra
3. Last four digits of the credit card used to purchase Grindr Xtra

Apple users can also cancel their subscription via the iTunes Store*

Via iTunes Store on Mac or PC:

1. Open iTunes on your Computer.
2. Choose Store > Sign In for the Menu Bar
3. Choose Store > View My Account > Enter Password
4. When in Account Information scroll to Settings at the bottom of page
5. Next to Subscriptions > Click Manage

6. Next to the subscription you want to change > Click Edit


7. On the subscriptions page click the OFF button next to Auto-Renewal


8. Click Turn Off to Confirm


*Please note:
 iOS subscription cancellations can only be managed by you. We cannot cancel a recurring iOS subscription for you.


As outlined in Grindr's Terms of Service, all purchases are final and non-refundable.

Makes Sense! But how do I transfer my previously purchased subscription credit?

For example: If you purchased credit on an Apple device, but would like to switch to a new Android device, it's super simple!

All you have to do is download Grindr on your new Android device and use your existing 'Grindr Account' log-in details from your Apple device to sign-in to your new Android device.*

*Please note: Your previously purchased subscription will continue to recur until you manually log-in to the original device type and cancel it. 

So how do I cancel my previously purchased recurring subscription?

For example: If you purchased your credit on your iPhone then switched to a new Android device but forgot to cancel your subscription on your iPhone.

You simply need to log in to any Apple device and manually cancel your recurring iOS subscription! (see instructions above)

Again, Android users can also cancel by f and Apple users can also cancel by checking the iTunes Store.

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